Praktijk voor Chinese geneeskunde

"I've been going to this acupuncture practice for over 3 years and every time I feel very welcome. The atmosphere of the place is great and helps me to relax. Each treatment has helped me tremendously with all kinds of ailments I have because of a broken hip. I can feel my energy recovering and the feeling in my leg restored after each session. I cannot thank you enough for the added value to my overall health and life."
David King
"Your treatments are an absolute gift to both the body and the soul. You always make me feel comfortable and no challenge seems out of reach for you. Also the fact that you explain in detail what you're trying to achieve really makes me feel I'm in the right hands. There could not be a more trustworthy person than you in the acupuncture business."
Candice Patterson
"Barbara is gifted at making people feeling welcome and comfortable in her presence. She does an excellent job at explaining the procedure and helping you understand the purpose of what she is doing.”
Margaret Brown
"I call Barbara before I call anyone regarding my health issues. Acupuncture has been a way for me to head things off before they become too big and resolve things that have been chronic problems."
Jackson Hollow
"Barbara has been treating me on an every other week basis for carpal tunnel syndrome and job related stress. I have not had to wear my wrist braces for the carpal tunnel since beginning treatment with her and my stress is under control.”
Naomi Cole